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Dr. Umar Mushir

Consultant - Psychiatrist

Dr. Umar Mushir is one of the Best Psychiatrists in Lucknow. A top-caliber professional with proven years of experience in mental health; an influential Psychiatrist with rich experience in mental health science; a successful individual that possesses substantial skills in treating mentally ill and disturbed patients; profound interpersonal skills to interact and communicate with various patients; approachable and a resourceful person; he has administered treatments for mentally ill patients with varying natures and degrees of mental disorders.

Born at Lucknow, he received his schooling at St. Francis’ College and attended Katihar Medical College for his MBBS degree with Honours in Otorhinolaryngology. Practiced General Medicine for a few years before moving to Indore from where he took his MD degree in Psychiatry from Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University. Further trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dr. Umar has traveled far and wide.

Best Psychiatrists in Lucknow

Best psychiatrist in Lucknow

Dr. Umar Mushir is an extremely qualified Best psychiatrist in Lucknow with 15+ years of expertise within the field. He completed an MBBS degree with honours in Otorhinolaryngology from Katihar Medical College. He has in-depth expertise in using medication to treat psychological issues. However, alongside medication, he explores different choices also; like psycho-education, therapies, or lifestyle changes. He endeavors to empower his patients on being part of the decision-making method concerning the simplest medication and treatment set up, by discussing the assorted choices as well as any potential aspect effects of the medication.

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​​Two out of five people, the world over, are affected by psychological problems. Seeking help is the first step towards living life to the absolute fullest.

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