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Dr. Umar Mushir

Consultant - Psychiatrist

A top-caliber professional with proven years of experience in mental health; an influential Psychiatrist with rich experience in mental health science; a successful individual that posseses substancial skills in treating mentally ill and distrubed patients; profound interpersonal skills to interact and communicate with various patients; approachable and a resourceful person; he has administered treatments for mentally ill patients with varying natures and degrees of mental disorders. 

Born at Lucknow, he received his schooling at St. Francis’ College and attended Katihar Medical College for his MBBS degree with Honours in  Otorhinolaryngology. Practiced General Medicine for a few years before moving to Indore from where he took his MD degree in Psychiatry from Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University. Further trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dr Umar has travelled far and wide.

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He is affiliated to the Psychiatric Associations/Societies of India, UK, Italy, and USA. He has lectured extensively before packed audience as well as via electronic media. Notable among them is his address to the huge international medical fraternity at Dublin (Ireland) on the intricacies of diagnosing and treating headaches.

In his career spanning over almost a decade as a Psychiatrist he has successfully treated mentally ill patients having mild and severe cases of mental disorders.

Coordinated with other health care professionals, psychologists, and psychiatric social workers to diagnose and treat patients with a wide spectrum of depression symptoms, retardation, and bi-polar disturbed behavior.

While bringing to bear the breadth and depth of his professional knowledge upon a patient’s treatment he is amply facilitated by his personal qualities of good listening & observation skills, his empathy, and the willingness to spend time educating patient and the family about the diagnosis and the recommended treatment.

Dr Umar’s personal humility is reflected in how he approaches patients with the constant awareness that the patient, even in the worst phases of mental illness, is equal to him as a human being. That but for an accident of birth in a family with different genetic risks, and different social, economic or cultural background, he could as well be suffering from any of the illnesses that afflict his patients.

Dr Umar’s demonstrated outreach and strong involvement with institutional and organisational bodies via his popular guest talks to spread awareness about mental health issues and their treat-ability goes a long way to help integrate the Mental Health and Counseling Service at the community level of a society still plagued with superstitions and ignorance that make mental illness a taboo.

Adept communicator able to engage with patients and effectively partner with other members of the family, he is extremely astute when listening to and observing patients. Asks pertinent questions, make hls intuitive observations, and evaluates the available behavioural information.

Qualified psychiatrist with years of experience in effectively treating patients with a wide range of conditions like psychological trauma, major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety as also the cases of obsessive compulsive disorder, he utilises a well-rounded approach to treat the whole person, through medications, active listening, and recommending appropriate counselling programs.

He has a passion for extending the methods of treatment to the poor as well as the affluent, thus raising psychiatry to a level of respectable specialty in his domain of influence and involvement.

His consultations are currently available at Apollo Medics Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow as well as at ‘Mind’s Eye NeuroPsychiatry Clinic ’ at Indira Nagar, Lucknow.